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What You'll Learn

  • The Fundamentals
    • Note names, chords, reading, writing, rhythm are taught in a positive atmosphere using methods tailored to suit each student’s learning style
  • Music Technology
    • Combine piano and technology to enhance your music education. Learn to use garageband, music apps, and more
  • Variety
    • Learn to play songs from a multitude of genres whether it’s classical, a pop song you heard on the radio, or anything in between
  • Composition
    • Learn to compose your own songs, and have them turned into sheet music as you go so you can play them again and again
  • Community
    • Meet fellow students during popcorn parties, pair up for duets (if you’d like), and show off your hard work at recitals
  • Consistency
    • While music schools tend to change instructors on a weekly or annual basis, as an independent studio, Mary will give every lesson herself. No need to waste time and money playing catch up
  • Succeed Outside of Class
    • Read through and analyze new music before playing it to reduce practice time and discover the best apps to make practicing fun
  • Learning is Fun
    • Learn notes through games, rhythm by dancing or with a drum, and some vocal training with solfege. Most importantly, learn to play the songs you want to learn


It is with great pleasure that I recommend piano instructor Mary Farrell. Mary is an excellent teacher with a warm, fun approach to teaching, which holds a student’s interest. She covers a wide spectrum of musical styles and incorporates today’s technology with traditional studies. Her students build an excellent foundation of music theory and technique. They further benefit from her years of performance experience which helps them prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music, NYSSMA, NYSMTA and Piano Teachers Congress evaluations and competitions.
— John Sauro

My 9 year old daughter, Chloe, has been a student of Mary Farrell’s for the past two years.  Under Mary's expert tutelage, Chloe has blossomed into a strong and confident pianist.  Chloe has developed a love of piano and looks forward to her lesson every week!  

My husband and I couldn't be happier with Mary's instruction, enthusiasm, and impact on Chloe's piano playing.  Mary is always sending links to videos and apps for Chloe to watch and try.  I highly recommend her.

Leigh Kohl


Mary Farrell is a fantastic piano teacher. My 8 year old son loves taking her classes and practicing her lessons at home. She is upbeat and keeps the lesson moving at a good pace in order to keep the interest of young budding musicians. I was initially drawn to her teaching style because she integrates traditional piano teaching techniques with new techniques, mixing in technology and other instruments when appropriate. The music my son is studying ranges from classical to movie theme songs to pop music. He remains consistently interested and excited about learning to read music and learning to acutely listen to music, in order to learn how to play the piano. Mary Farrell is everything I could ask for in a piano teacher; she is a terrific instructor.
— Lara D’Agostino